Sweet 16 Portraits

The day you celebrate your daughter’s sixteenth birthday is a momentous occasion. It is her time to shine, and show the world the young woman she has become—you will treasure these memories for a lifetime. With CLJ Photography sweet 16 portraits, my clients are able to seize the opportunity and capture the special young woman in their lives, celebrating her accomplishments and passions, and her very essence—just as she is now. My name is Claudette, and when you choose my sweet 16 photography services, you are able to personalize a photography package for your daughter, which may include posed sweet 16 portraits both before, during, and after her party in Suffolk County or Nassau County, and also a combination of candid and posed photography during the event itself.

If you have planned a sweet 16 party for your daughter, it is because you want to make this occasion a true teenage dream come true. She will certainly have spent many hours thinking and dreaming about the perfect dress, the perfect hairstyle, the perfect Long Island venue, and all of her friends being there to celebrate too. When all of these details come together, it is truly magic in the making. Her sweet 16 photoshoot is the perfect way to enjoy this storybook evening for many years to come. Even on the day she graduates from college, on her wedding day, and the day she prepares a sweet 16 party for her own daughter, she will look back on this time, and her sweet 16 portraits, fondly.

At CLJ photography, I have provided intimate, unique sweet 16 photoshoot services (including quinceañeras) for hundreds of young women. For the birthday girl, this experience translates into inventive and modern sweet 16 photography that truly shows her personality, her interests, and her most sincere hopes. For parents, this level of professionalism and expertise means a picture-perfect party day. I step in and take care of all the details, after having sat down with you and your daughter before to discuss the desired aesthetic, photographic package, and style, leaving you with nothing to worry about except enjoying a wonderful time with family and friends at your Nassau County or Suffolk County birthday event.

From the moment you learn you are going to have a daughter, you wonder about the woman she will grow up to be. Document and cherish every milestone along her journey with CLJ photography in Long Island, from newborn photos through to her wedding day, and later, with maternity photos of her own. When you choose my sweet 16 portraits, we meet several times to discuss plans for her sweet 16 portrait poses, photography on the day (including seating charts and timelines), and the digital and print images package you prefer.

To organize the taking of your sweet 16 photographs in Nassau County or Suffolk County, Long Island, or Queens, New York, please contact myself, Claudette, today!

*There is a $25 travel fee for Queens and Suffolk County.



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